Court Is In

During Tom Robinson’s trial most of the town came to watch. Jem, Dill and I had to sit in the balcony with the “colored” people because the room was so full.


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Another Visitor

Dill ran away from home due to the fact that his mom and new father, never notice him or talk to him. When we got home, Jem and I found him hiding under my bed. Atticus let him spend the night and today we took him over to Miss Rachel’s the next day to tell her.

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Aunt Alexandra’s Coming To Town

When we got home from church Aunt Alexandra was waiting for us. She decided to come stay for awhile to give us some “feminine influence”. The people in Maycomb gave her a warm welcome but Jem and I would rather not have her there, all she does is make me cry and get Atticus tell us about our ancestors. 

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Calpurnia’s Church Experience

Calpurnia decided to bring us to the church for “colored” people, one woman called Cal out for bringing white children to a church for people of color but everyone else was very nice. They had a collection for Tom Robinson’s wife, who can’t find any work now that her husband has been accused of rape.


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Payback’s A Pain

Mrs. Dubose died a couple days after Jem’s punishment was over. After she passed, Atticus revealed to him that she was addicted to morphine and the reading would help with her addiction. She gave Atticus a box with one single camellia in it, to give to Jem after she passed.

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Don’t Mess With Old People

Today Mrs. Dubose told Jem and I that Atticus is no better than “the n*&%ers and trash he works for.” This made Jem furious, he lost his temper and wrecked all of her camellias. For his punishment, he needs to go read to her everyday for a month because she is old and sick. 

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There’s A New Sheriff In Town

A couple days after Christmas, Jem and I went exploring with our the shotguns we got for Christmas. While walking down the road, we saw a dog walking very funny. We thought that he had been hurt, so we ran to tell Calpurnia to let her know. She called Atticus and made him come home, they thought that the dog had gone mad and decided he needed to be killed. My father brought the sheriff along with him, they had a quick and heated discussion on who would shoot the dog. Atticus decided to step up to the plate, that day we learnt something new about my father; he has the best shot in all of Maycomb county.


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