There’s A New Sheriff In Town

A couple days after Christmas, Jem and I went exploring with our the shotguns we got for Christmas. While walking down the road, we saw a dog walking very funny. We thought that he had been hurt, so we ran to tell Calpurnia to let her know. She called Atticus and made him come home, they thought that the dog had gone mad and decided he needed to be killed. My father brought the sheriff along with him, they had a quick and heated discussion on who would shoot the dog. Atticus decided to step up to the plate, that day we learnt something new about my father; he has the best shot in all of Maycomb county.



About finchscout

Lover of: reading, fighting boys, guns, exploring, climbing trees with Jem & Dill, overalls. From: Maycomb, Al.
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