Turkey, Overalls And Fist Fights

Christmas is not very pleasant this year, Aunt Alexandra wasn’t pleased with the way I dress; she would rather me wear dresses and have tea parties.  But I choose to wear overalls and play outside with Jem and Dill. Atticus’ brother was also upset when I cursed at dinner. To top the whole night off, we leftearly because I got into a fist fight with my cousin Francis, after he called my father a “N*&$@r lover”.  A lot of people have been picking on Jem and I, due to the fact that my father is defending a black man. Even though my behaviour was a little off, Jem and I still received shotguns for Christmas.


About finchscout

Lover of: reading, fighting boys, guns, exploring, climbing trees with Jem & Dill, overalls. From: Maycomb, Al.
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