A Warm Fire On A Cold Night

Last night, I was suddenly woken by Atticus. He handed me my house coat and we went outside to join the rest of the neighborhood, we all watched in horror as Miss Maudie’s house burned down to the ground, it was terrible. She was disappointed that all of her flours burnt. The cold that night was deadly, I was tucked into Jem’s arm for extra heat, I turned my head around and noticed that someone had put a blanket on my shoulders. The only person that it could be is Boo Radley, everyone else was so busy with the fire. I was shocked, scared and creeped out, all at the same time. I just could not get over it.



About finchscout

Lover of: reading, fighting boys, guns, exploring, climbing trees with Jem & Dill, overalls. From: Maycomb, Al.
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