A Close Call At The Radley House!

We had a great summer, Dill returned to Maycomb as soon as the school year was finished. Today, we were caught by temptation and ended up sneaking over to the Radley house to get a quick peek in the window… It did not end well.

They saw us looking in the window and we ran, but Nathan even shot a gun at us. We had split up to get away faster, but Jem got caught under the fence and had to leave his pants behind. We had seen the people of the neighborhood gather in front of the Radley house to see what the commotion was, so we joined them to prevent anyone of being suspicious of Jem, Dill and I, we went to see them. Jem, of course was not wearing any pants!


About finchscout

Lover of: reading, fighting boys, guns, exploring, climbing trees with Jem & Dill, overalls. From: Maycomb, Al.
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